Monday, April 04, 2005

AIM Conversation; Amy Phillips

Worthless? Oops! This? Eek!

That's right; Amy Phillips found my blog. HI! Sorry!

She was of course incredibly nice, even agreeing (tentatively? Now it's on the internet; not so tentative anymore) to appear at the Columbia Spectator to speak to the music section and face a lot of blank stares.

I sat in front of my computer, all the time feeling very obnoxious and trying to slap the permanent cringe from my embarrassed face.

Interior Interview

Amy emphasized the difficulty of her profession and stingy editors (read: pitchfork). Does this mean I suck and should give up? Yes.

Have I learned my lesson? Should I stop trashing people, even if they're really dumb/ugly? No, never. I hate everyone. Except Anna Wintour.

By posting this, have I become a creepy wannabe? Yes.

Addendum (0407)
So it's however many days later and I'm still beating myself up over the Amy Phillips bashing. Apparently my blog self isn't as big or as bad as I'd imagined him.

Nor was Amy as big or as bad as I'd imagined her. Rolling Stone guy, Cute guy, and 80s-obsessed guy were all way more "worthless" than she. I was just disappointed, as she's a Columbia grad and, you know, a total role model, dude.

Kudos to calling me out on it. <3


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