Saturday, April 09, 2005

Bloc Party, The Ponys, Chromeo; Bowery Ballroom

David Macklovich: man or God? David is a full head taller than me, perfectly-coiffed and perfectly-dressed (Can you say dark purple shoes, light purple socks?). He's also my French professor and the pretty boy of techno superstars Chromeo.

Despite his charms, I wasn't immediately sold on Chromeo. "Needy Girl" was drenched in irony, I thought, but without anything to back it up. Hundreds of wine-soaked Chromeo dance parties later, I got it--Chromeo loves this stuff. They may be playing with R &B, but they're not cutting it down. And they're doing so with some really badass beats.

My love for Chromeo and his generous listing overcame my distaste for headliners Bloc Party. I had to support my man--and bring my friends along.

David had been playing down the whole event. He got bottom billing for not going on the full tour, and he went on, as he described "at 8:30, with 6 people in the crowd." He even considered not doing the show.

Luckily for the more than 6 (more like half-filled Bowery) people there, and even for me who lost my fake ID at the door, he did the show. And the crowd appreciated it. Eugene broke it down better than anyone there, of course, but the frat boys and these two wretched wenches who later followed us upstairs, visibly showed their support as well. Chromeo has a bizarre following.

Dave1, P-Thug and A-Dog, the aging drummer, put on a great show, clean and close to the album. And Dave promised a new album, although later confided that it may have been a bit of a stretch to please the crowd.

Next came the Ponys. Pretty standard but engaging. By this time, David had taken upstairs to his box, so we didn't see much of it. They are coming out with a new album, Celebration Castle and touring, and I'd be pretty interested in seeing it.

The place filled up as Bloc Party time approached. And I've got to say, as they filtered on stage, they've got great presence. Unfortunately, the same isn't true for their songs, which sounded pretty much the same throughout. Eugene aptly described them as "a less proficient Taking Back Sunday" and I'd have to agree. They are really emo. Cute guitarist though.

Afterward, David accosted the notoriously asshole bouncers at Bowery for my ID. God.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have a question
im goign to the bowery for a show thats 16+

im 15 but i actually look lik eim 17 or 18
and i have a fake ID but itll be the first time im using it, and idk if it looks real (it says im from massachusetts). so if i get caught, ill be screwed

i do have a school ID without my bday on it. it just says studetn 2008, meaning im a junior (im a year ahead) i was planning to show them that saying if im a jr., i need tobe 16

do you think itll work?

6:30 PM  

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