Saturday, April 02, 2005

Lightning Bolt, DMBQ, Panthers; Club Exit

Going to Club Exit in Greenpoint, Lauren and I didn't really know what to expect.

As neither of us is a trashy Pole (Lauren being Korean, actually), the club was a novelty. First off, it's huge, with two bars on each side, the right one being raised along with a sizeable portion of the audience. The decor was...eclectic. The ceiling was dotted with what look like red, turned over Japanese umbrellas or mushrooms. The left side of the room is guarded by gigantic ribs--the The Lion King and the elephant graveyard. The sound was pretty remarkable given all these obstructions and the size of the room, although we were in front, so it's hard to judge.

We knew what to expect from Panthers. Above average Vice cock-rock. Surprisingly enough, more than half the audience was facing the stage and listening. Not I though.

DMBQ opened with the sounds of the apocalypse, and hipsterdom came to attention, scared for their lives and their leather-jacket/hoodie combinations. I can tell you with confidence that the apocalypse will consist of only one bass riff, but that riff will be really fucking awesome. And the band didn't pause. I'm not sure if that's because they only really played one song, but regardless, it was impressive. Shinji Masuko shrieked for way over a half an hour, spitting until foam cascaded down his chin. Gutarist Toru Matsui had the fucking greatest head bob/fuck-you- facial expression ever; it reminded me of the girl in the Crazy 88s with the facemask. China, the drummer, was amazingly apt given the amount of bopping around she did. And bassist Ryuichi Watanabe topped it off with creepy glasses with lights at the end, straddling the amps, and a killer fro. And the drumset totally crowd surfed.

Behind the stage, raised up, the DJs and club owner oversaw all--judges for damned souls. Moshing ensued, tribute to the band's power and the audience's hellish idiocy.

After all that, Lightning Bolt was a bit of a come-down. Bassist Brian Gibson and drummer Brian Chippendale put on a show--for the 35 people around them. They played in front of the stage at floor level, restricting the show to the half-circle of sweaty jumpers aound them. Sometimes rapturous, sometimes fatiguing, it's too bad that the best bass parts seem only garnishes to the massive drum solos. Lauren beat up her neighbors and loved it; I sat on the stage and watched the moshers (mostly uglies and frat boys: where'd they come from?) collide.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dooooood. you may not insult lightning bolt by demeaning them to the level of fucking VICE COCK ROCK. they are wonderful wonderful wonderful ...rainbow. ha....also, they fucking build their own equipment? does chromeo use a fucking homemade bass amp and mic? I THINK NOT.

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