Sunday, April 10, 2005

Madame Butterfly; Metropolitan Opera House

"Madame Butterfly" was my first opera, so I can only really judge it as a novelty. Impressions:

1. It went really quickly. The three hours were divided between two intermissions, and the only person who fell asleep was this fat man with an earring and a crew cut. There goes that cliché.

2. Operas are not plot driven. Surprise? Yes.

3. Madame Butterfly was played by an Asian woman--novelty! She was no Chromeo, bien sur, but she kind of overshadowed the rest of the cast--and no, not just with her slanty eyes.

4. Weezer's Pinkerton drew from the plot really superficially. Yes, Rivers, you used the names "Pinkerton," "Butterfly," and "Cio-Cio San," but they had no significance in your songs. Oh, I get it, you have a thing for Asian chicks, and it takes place in Japan.


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