Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Nagisa Ni Te; Dream Sounds

So I was reading an article by Norman Geshwind (Geshwind, N. 1979, "Specializations of the human brain," Scientific American, 241, 180.), focusing on the location of different skills in the brain. Aside from some really creepy artwork featuring a penis emerging from an interior crease of the brain, it also referenced the brain's tendency to respond dually to stimuli.

It's kind of poetic, in fact. The left responds practically, the right emotionally.

On Dream Sounds, Nagisa Ni Te are clearly only reaching for the right.

So given my general benificence, my left-handedness and my preference for Udon, I'll give this album only the right-brain treatment.

Dream Sounds: I generally enjoy dreams, which I recall more often the next morning through a feelin in my gut than through the plot. Appropriate title, as the album is more an ocean than a collection of waves. I can't remember a single riff (nor there being one, really) but I did like what was going on.

The album is in Japanese, so the vocals might as well be another instrument. And pleasant ones they are at that, dubbed but not overdubbed, and reflective throughout.

Dream Sounds revisits four earlier-released tracks. And by by revisits, I mean makes longer. If they had a particular riff, the treatment might be unstomachable. But in it's slow grind, it matches my palate. Wine over vodka, any day.

Nagisa Ni Te isn't testing any limits, breaking down any barriers, or even stroking their guitars very hard. But as far as pleasantness goes, it's years ahead of its time. Granted, I've left out half the criticism. But it's 60 degrees in New York: get outside, fuckers!


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